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PIAB Material Handling

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PIAB Material Handling
55 Accord Park Dr.
Rockland MA 02370

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Vacuum conveyors provide hygienic sugar handling solution for cereal manufacturer

April 24, 2006
Introduction: Consumer Demand for the Most Important Meal of the Day Many people regard breakfast as the most important meal of the day and most health experts will suggest that Read More

Vacuum system helps cupcake wholesaler reduce energy consumption by 30 percent

March 6, 2006
From traditional sheet cakes to cupcakes and cookies, it’s no secret that demand for thaw-and-sell desserts is at an all-time high. People are always on the go, working more than Read More

Conveyors with fluidization ideal for non-free flowing materials

January 15, 2004
Vacuum conveyors offer fluidization, a feature that creates a consistent, reliable flow of product both in the feed source and the discharge from the vacuum receiver. Fluidization is ideal for Read More

Air-driven vacuum pumps provide 27''''Hg at 50 psi

September 15, 2003
New vacuum pump has been designed to handle low or fluctuating compressed air pressures. The pumps, at an inlet pressure of only 50 psi, provide up to 27''''Hg of vacuum. Read More

Vacuum conveyors at Chem Show

August 12, 2003
Vacuum conveyors will be displayed at the Chem Show. Powered by the company''s pneumatically driven vacuum pumps, these systems safely and quietly transport up to 10-15 tons-per-hour of powders and Read More

Vacuum conveyors for food, dairy, pharmaceutical applications

July 11, 2003
Vacuum conveyors are ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical, food and dairy industries. Powered by the company''s pneumatically driven vacuum pumps, the conveyors safely and quietly transport up to 5-6 Read More

Integrated vacuum pump/suction cup for greater efficiency

March 13, 2003
Unit features a suction cup and an efficient multi-stage air-driven vacuum pump integrated into a single unit. This avoids problems in traditional vacuum systems with a centrally located vacuum pump. Read More
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