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Pumpex, Inc.

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Phone: 908-927-0800


Pumpex, Inc.
171 Industrial Pkwy.
Somerville NJ 08876
Part of Cardo group

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Wastewater pump keeps food plant running fresh

July 8, 2004
Tank and vessel cleanup and general process area washdown operations in dairy, meat and produce processing plants incorporate wastewater grinder pumps to handle increasingly stringent water management guidelines. Single- or Read More

Heavy-duty, single-phase grinder pump runs on its own power

January 15, 2004
The single-phase grinder pump is ideal for lower flow, higher head applications in which either a permanent or portable installation is desired. The efficient cutter mechanism quickly processes effluent flows Read More

Closed loop pump cooling system for maintenance-free performance

September 15, 2003
Closed loop cooling system featured in the dry pit submersible pump eliminates the problems and expense of thermal overload, debris entrapment, and frequent maintenance experienced with pumped liquid- or fan-cooled Read More

Submersible wastewater pump handles raw sewage, effluent

September 15, 2003
Heavy-duty, non-clogging, submersible centrifugal wastewater pump is designed to handle the pumps of solids, fibrous material, sludge and other materials found in sewage, industrial wastewater and other contaminated liquids without Read More
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