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Microfluidics International Corp.

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Contact: Unavailable
Phone: 800-370-5452


Microfluidics International Corp.
30 Ossipee Rd.
P.O. Box 9101
Newton MA 02464
Division of MFIC Corporation

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Lab machine designed to operate to 30,000 psi

March 17, 2008
Microfluidics’ latest version of its versatile laboratory model M-110EH Microfluidizer® high-shear processor, the M-110EH-30, now incorporates new capabilities and features into the original system architecture. Designed to operate reliably and Read More

PAT-Ready production scale for the pharmaceutical industry

October 18, 2005
Process Analytical Technology (PAT)-Ready options are available for the company’s production level M-700 series Microfluidizer® high-shear fluid processors. PAT is an FDA framework for designing, analyzing, and controlling the pharmaceutical Read More
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