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Scientists discover new catalysts that could create 'gasoline of the future'

April 12, 2013

Scientists have made a discovery that could speed an emerging effort to replace ethanol in gasoline with a substantially better fuel additive called butanol, which some experts regard as “the gasoline of the future.”

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Refiners slam higher ethanol mandates

April 10, 2013
U.S. refiners are concerned that if federal officials press ahead with their plans to introduce higher ethanol mandates under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), this could cause economic damage.
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New project to produce ethanol from sugar beets

March 26, 2013
The project is funded by a $5 million state grant, supporting a dozen local farmers who are going to join forces to build a new Fresno County demonstration plant together with a team of university experts.
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Federal ethanol mandate could disrupt fuel supply, refineries warn

March 18, 2013
According to the American Petroleum Institute trade group, government requirements for refineries to use corn ethanol or other biofuels might cause a serious problem with fuel supply this year.
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