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Marketplaces of malevolence

The Stuxnet attack on Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities and the Shamoon attacks on industrial companies in the Mideast have been a wake-up call for the process industries, says ARC Advisory Group.
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SCADA ‘honeypot’ mimics water station, attracts 39 attacks from 14 different countries

SCADA systems are today the most common means for establishing computer-based production monitoring and control. While the SCADA security challenge is widely recognized, just how bad it is can be hard to say, since, for most companies, little is to be gained by talking publicly about the problem.It took only 18 hours to find the first signs of attack on one of the honeypots.
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Research shows patching is a broken model for industrial cyber security

New research showes that patching is often ineffective in providing protection from the multitude of vulnerability disclosures and malware targeting critical infrastructure systems today.
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