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Four US energy companies plan Southeast natural gas pipeline

Dominion, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas and AGL Resources have formed a joint venture to build and own a 550-mile natural gas pipeline to North Carolina and Virginia.
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Shale gas boom boosts demand for bio-based chemicals, report finds

Bio-based chemicals are the unexpected beneficiaries of the North American shale gas boom, says a special report from IHS.
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Chemical investments linked to shale gas projects surpass $100 billion

As of February, 148 projects have been announced, at a total value of $100.2 billion, with over half of the sum coming from companies based overseas.
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Fracking regulation might weaken economic growth, US Chamber of Commerce claims

A study on the effects of oil and gas drilling operations using fracking, due to be released next year, might prevent the United States from becoming the world's most powerful energy producer, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce warns.
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Shale gas leading to $72 billion in US chemical-industry investments, half-million jobs

Abundant shale gas has transformed America’s chemical industry from the world’s high-cost producer five years ago to among the world’s lowest-cost producers today. Thus, the United States enjoys a decisive advantage in the cost of producing basic petrochemicals.
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Fluor reports benefits of oil & gas, petrochemical industry expansion

Fluor Corp. financial results for its first quarter ending March 31 were driven by growth in its oil & gas and industrial & infrastructure segment businesses, the company says. Revenue topped $7 billion, and was up 14% from the previous year.
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Sinopec takes aim at US petrochemical competition

Chinese oil and gas company Sinopec says it is striving to lower its petrochemical production costs and optimize its product mix in order to stave off competition from the U.S.
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