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UK water utility powers bus from sewage

A water utility in the southwest of England has come up with an innovative use for some of the waste it processes on a daily basis.
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UK updates renewable fertilizer specification

A UK specification for renewable fertilizer has been updated. The change means that more operators of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants will be able to use or trade their digestate as certified biofertilizer.
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Biogas Flow Measurement Challenges and Solutions

The measurement of biogases produced from digesters in water and wastewater plants can be tricky. As the seasons change, the operational range of the biogases change.
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California brewery benefits from wastewater-to-energy system

A California brewery has deployed an innovative wastewater-to-energy system that uses bioelectric technology to simultaneously treat water and generate renewable biogas.
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Hybrid Mixers and Slow Speed Agitators

KSB biogas systems implement a combination of its hybrid mixers and slow speed agitators to reduce mixer energy requirements by 50 to 75 percent.
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