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European plastics recyclers want legislative support

One of the top priorities for the European plastics recycling industry will be to create a market for recycled plastics, facilitating the diversion of recyclable plastics from landfills and further increasing recycling rates in Europe.
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Degradable plastics have detrimental effects on plastics recyclates, study finds

Adding even small quantities of degradable plastics to plastic recyclates could lead to unexpected changes that could be described as "detrimental," according to a new study.
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EU aims to recycle 62% of plastics by 2020

While only 24% of all plastics were recycled in 2013, a new study commissioned by Plastics Recyclers Europe says that an overall plastics recycling target of 62% across the European Union is achievable by 2020.
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US recycling of rigid plastics on the rise

More than 934 million pounds of post-consumer rigid plastics were recycled by the United States and Canada in 2011, which was 13 percent more than in the previous year.
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