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PepsiCo unveils $5 billion investment program for Mexico

January 29, 2014
PepsiCo said it would spread the spending over five years, focusing on four key areas: innovation and brand building, infrastructure, agriculture and community
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UK poultry processor pleads guilty to selling products with wrong expiration date

October 14, 2013
British poultry manufacturer 2 Sisters Food Group has been fined $176,000 for printing the wrong expiration dates on cooked chicken products manufactured at its facility in Haughley Park, Suffolk.
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Total Inline Solution for Metal Control

October 3, 2013
Designed for use in gravity-feed pipes to monitor for metal contaminants in continuous-flowing granules or powders such as sugar, flour, corn meal, or spices, the Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet provides maximum magnetic separation of contaminants.
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Value of global beverage packaging market to reach $125.7 billion in 2018

August 19, 2013
Between 2013 and 2018, the global beverage packaging market is forecast to expand at a compound annual rate of 4.3%.
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FDA proposes action level for arsenic in apple juice

July 16, 2013
The FDA's new threshold for arsenic in apple juice is pegged at 10 parts per billion (ppb), which is the same as the limit imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency for drinking water.
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Global beverage packaging market to reach $118.8 billion by 2017

May 20, 2013
The global market for beverage packaging is set to reach $118.8 billion by 2017, as beverage consumption trends and environmental issues will play a significant part in developing the market over the next few years.
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Food companies look to new customers for increased product sales, survey finds

March 1, 2013
Survey participants, which were drawn from companies across the food and beverage industry, are confident sales will increase 13% compared to 2011 and project net profits to rise by almost 6%.
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Safety key for meat processing plants

March 1, 2013
Although safety is a top priority for all food manufacturers, meat and poultry processors face stricter control and tougher regulation. However, these are not the only challenges they have to deal with.
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All Stainless Steel Mixer/Grinder

February 22, 2013
Hollymatic Corp.'s long-standing Model 180A Mixer/Grinder with No. 52 grinding head is now available as a standard all stainless steel machine.
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National Beef to lay off more than 400 workers

February 13, 2013
Kansas City, Mo.-based National Beef Packing Co. announced Wednesday plans to lay off more than 400 workers as a result of losing a "major customer."
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