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An industrial taxonomy extended to process industries

A commonality, usually unremarked, exists across companies in how things like product-design, engineering, production and distribution get done. It’s an obvious observation, no doubt, but you have to admit the nuances involved are endless.
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Diamond-coated mechanical seals promise pump energy savings

ven as controversies still clog media airwaves with strident opinions about how “real” various impending resource crises actually are, our engineers are finding the increasingly needed solutions.
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Leading-edge technology in the gritty process industries

A few years ago, this editor was in San Francisco. Two events were going on.
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The romance of stainless steel explicated at Interphex

When this editor was stationed in the engineering department some years ago, the mechanical engineers, and especially the engineering director, used to get a bit dreamy-eyed when the subject turned to stainless steel.

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Grinding industrial water-price increases lead to conservation

Where does an operations manager in a mid-sized industrial enterprise turn when water-treatment bills sky-rocket? Because make no doubt about it, that’s what they're doing.
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