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What do dairy, pulp & paper and textile have in common?

High organic waste loads and large wastewater volumes characterize three disparate industries; but how are they different?
Process controls for treating wastewater in dairy, pulp & paper and textile industries use secondary treatment, most commonly activated sludge, to remove soluble, i.e., dissolved pollutants.
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What are process controls for treating wastewater in the dairy industry?

Dairy wastewater has a high organic load, requiring biological treatment for permit-compliant discharge. Successful, consistent biological treatment in turn requires stringent controls on primary treated wastewater, preceding dairy-waste biological treatment.
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EU-backed project to launch pilot for dairy wastewater treatment

A new project funded by the European Union is set to launch a pilot plant that would use an innovative method for treating dairy wastewater and whey.
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US dairy industry eyes international markets

While at present the U.S. dairy industry is mostly directed toward the domestic market, specialists believe that dairy producers will increasingly look at opportunities presented by external markets.
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Danone to invest $417 million in China's biggest dairy producer

French food-products company Danone has agreed to invest $417 million in two deals with China Mengniu Dairy Co., China's biggest dairy producer.
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