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Grant awarded for desalination test well in California

A desalination test well project has been granted $1 million of state funding in California.
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Solar-powered desalination best option for off-grid Indian villages, MIT researchers say

India is facing a growing challenge to ensure that it has enough drinking water.
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Widening gap between water demand, supply drives India's desalination market

India is among the most water stressed countries and industry demand for process water is increasing.
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Largest desalination plant in Western Hemisphere to be operational ahead of schedule

The largest seawater desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere, which is currently being constructed in Carlsbad, California, could be operational three months ahead of schedule.
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Kuwait looks to double power, desalination capacity

Kuwait's Ministry of Electricity & Water is hoping to more than double the country's power generating and desalination capacity by 2017 to meet growing demand.
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Desalination, water purification research receives $1.4 million boost

The Bureau's Desalination and Water Purification Program aims to confront imbalances between supply and demand in basins throughout the Western U.S. through the development of new advanced water treatment technologies.
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Fluor to build Dow's new reverse osmosis plant in Saudi Arabia

Fluor Corporation is to build a reverse osmosis (RO) manufacturing facility for the Dow Chemical Company in Saudi Arabia under a new engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract.
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Static Mixer for Desalination Applications

Chemineer is offering the Kenics™ UltraTab™ static mixer designed for desalination applications such as brine mixing and dilution and anti-scalant blending.
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It gets ugly quick, when the water runs out

From Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay, at least 15 desalination-plant proposals are current along the California coast. No wonder all eyes are on the $1-billion Carlsbad desalination plant. Post 2016, it’ll knock out about 50 million gallons of potable water a day and be the largest such plant in the Western hemisphere.
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One key piece in a drought-solving puzzle

Addressing structure and corrosion at California’s Carlsbad desalination plant
About 35 miles north of downtown San Diego, the city of Carlsbad presents a classic southern California backdrop for joggers, cyclists, and surfers bent on enjoying the sun, breaking waves and sapphire-blue Pacific Ocean.
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