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Ineos acquires second shale gas license in Scotland

Petrochemical company Ineos has bought a majority stake in a second license for shale gas exploration and development in Scotland.
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BASF to sell stake in joint venture to Ineos

Swiss-based multinational chemical company Ineos is to buy out BASF's 50-percent stake in Styrolution -- the joint venture formed by the two companies in 2011.
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EU chemical industry on the verge of collapse, Ineos boss warns

The European chemical industry is in grave danger and a large part of it might close down within the next 10 years, Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of chemical giant Ineos, has warned.
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Ineos to import US ethane for Grangemouth facility

The Grangemouth chemical plant in Scotland may go from huge losses to instant profitability thanks to the saving plan drawn up by Swiss-based international operator Ineos Group Ltd.
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Global petrochemical producers rethink strategies to remain competitive

Most petrochemical businesses have already come to the realization that the U.S. natural gas-based feedstock is giving those who use it a great advantage in terms of costs.
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