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California brewery benefits from wastewater-to-energy system

March 13, 2014
A California brewery has deployed an innovative wastewater-to-energy system that uses bioelectric technology to simultaneously treat water and generate renewable biogas.
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ABB to supply electrical, control systems for South African photovoltaic power plant

May 13, 2013
ABB has won an order worth around $25 million to supply electrical and control systems for a new 75 MW photovoltaic power plant in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.
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Investors withdraw from clean energy, turn to drilling

May 7, 2013
In recent years some investors and businesses have focused on development of renewable energy resources and tried to move away from fossil-fuel based energy. But solar and wind power and biofuels have failed to live up to initial expectations, while natural gas and oil industries have made huge gains.
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Think tank highlights benefits of energy-from-waste facilities

April 22, 2013
The U.S. needs to construct more energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities to ensure that methane emissions from waste deposited at landfills is reduced, according to the Center for American Progress.
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Could US shale boom threaten green energy sector?

April 5, 2013
While drilling for natural gas does not seem like a viable business opportunity for New England at this point, the impact of the shale gas revolution can already be felt in Massachusetts and its clean energy sector, due to the low natural gas prices.
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New project to produce ethanol from sugar beets

March 26, 2013
The project is funded by a $5 million state grant, supporting a dozen local farmers who are going to join forces to build a new Fresno County demonstration plant together with a team of university experts.
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Converting plastics to fuel might prove major energy source for Canada

January 24, 2013
If the entire amount of non-recycled plastics that end up in Canada's landfills is converted to fuel, the produced energy would be enough to run 600,000 automobiles per year.
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Renewable energy desalination project aims to improve water security in Middle East

January 22, 2013
Masdar, an Abu Dhabi-based renewable energy company, has unveiled a pilot project to develop advanced energy-efficient seawater desalination technologies that can be powered by renewable sources.
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Portland installs city’s first in-pipe hydroelectric system

December 20, 2012
The city of Portland, Ore., is set to begin construction of the city’s first in-pipe hydropower renewable energy system.
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European Union to fund desalination plant in northeast Africa

December 20, 2012
The European Union announced Wednesday it will pay €40.5 million to help fund a renewable energy and water desalination plant in the northeast African country of Djibouti to supply approximately 200,000 people.
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