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Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Bioreactor

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.'s PURONĀ® MBR ultrafiltration membrane bioreactor (MBR) series is an ideal solution for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment looking to reduce energy, minimize downtime and increase flux in a cost efficient manner.
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US market for advanced municipal water treatment technologies worth $3.2 billion by 2019

The U.S. market for advanced municipal water treatment technologies was worth about $2.1 billion in 2013 and is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4 percent over the next five years.
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GE Technology generates renewable energy from industrial wastewater

GE has introduced new membrane-based wastewater treatment technology that can generate renewable energy from wastewater.
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Report predicts global membrane wastewater treatment market to reach $3 billion in 2021

Globally, demand for membrane wastewater treatment technologies is growing as more public sector projects require their use and tighter water resources control regulations call for water reuse.
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Asia Pacific membrane filtration market predicted to grow

The total value of the membrane filtration market in the area is estimated to be $524 million in 2013 and is set to reach $927 million in 2018.
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Submerged Hollow Fiber Modules

The PURON HF module is designed for tertiary treatment, high solids water applications, RO pretreatment and surface water treatment.
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Membrane Bioreactor System

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membranes and membrane filtration systems, announces the first North American installation of a PURON™ PLUS packaged membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment system.

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