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Mine wastewater spills after dam failure

Billions of liters of wastewater and tailings sediment ended up in river systems after a tailings dam breach at Imperial Metals' Mount Polley mine in British Columbia on Monday morning.
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High-solids water can be a challenge

Solution combines power of cross-flow filtration, centrifugal separation and solids collection
At a meat processing plant in Kansas, spikes in high-solids meat particles were clogging up bag filters on a daily basis, reducing output and uptime in the plant’s on-site industrial wastewater treatment plant.
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Canadian researchers work on new water treatment method to cut carbon dioxide emissions

Researchers at the University of British Columbia are working on a new technology that uses carbon dioxide and wastewater from oil and gas operations to produce reusable water.
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Canadian startup develops low-cost method for industrial wastewater treatment, reuse

A Vancouver startup has closed a $5.6-million Series-A financing round that will help the company develop technology for reusing industrial wastewater.
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Wastewater brokerage owners charged in federal court for illegal disposal of industrial waste

The owners of a wastewater brokerage firm were charged in federal court Monday for allegedly injecting more than 380,000 gallons of industrial wastewater down a well in Assumption Parish, La.
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