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Two-thirds of oil-by-rail supplies to California come from Canada

According to data from the state's Energy Commission, 709,014 barrels of crude from Canada were shipped by rail to California in December 2013.
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North Dakota train accident will not affect rail movements of crude, analysts say

While the North Dakota incident might lead to increased regulatory scrutiny, experts believe that it will not significantly affect the use of rail as a means of transporting oil.
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American Chemistry Council calls for 'comprehensive approach' to safety for rail transport

The American Chemistry Council has called on the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to implement a more effective strategy to ensure rail safety and prevent incidents with trains transporting chemical substances by rail.
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Investigation reveals mistake in oil labeling in Quebec train crash

The investigation into the train crash in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, has revealed that the crude oil transported in the railcars had a lower flash point than indicated on documents, meaning that it was actually more volatile than could be expected.
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Energy experts see benefits of rail over pipe in crude transportation

While key projects for major pipelines are being considered, some energy experts claim that shipping crude by rail is a more flexible option whose advantages over pipelines should not be overlooked.
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