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Water use reduced on mushroom farm

Custom filter bags preclude need for retrofit yet still increase productivity
Proper washing of produce ensures its cleanliness well before it enters the supply chain or is placed in retail bins. The right filtration system makes washing thorough, efficient and as cost-effective as possible.
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No more hauling and disposing of rancid water

Having thrown strikes for nearly two centuries now, Lake Forest, Ill.-based Brunswick Corp. says it had another big hit with a two-stage filtration process used to treat water used in the machining center at its plant in Reynosa, Mexico, where bowling balls are made.
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Self-Cleaning Water Filters Help Bagel Maker Improve Safety

Used extensively in the bagel making process, highly pressurized hot water required during boiling offsets potential quality problems. The process also requires a filtration system to clean raisins, sesame seeds, bits of dough, corn meal and other materials out of the hot water. And that’s where the danger can occur.
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