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California regulators halt wastewater injection in local wells

July 29, 2014
Oil and gas waste injection has been halted at 11 sites in California following orders issued by the state's Division of Oil and Gas and Geothermal Resources.
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Colorado regulator halts wastewater injection due to earthquake link

July 7, 2014
Colorado officials recently suspended injections of fracking wastewater underground, following the discovery that disposing of wastewater in a local well might be linked to seismic activity in the area.
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EPA reconsiders approval of Pennsylvania injection well permit

May 20, 2014
EPA has changed its mind on giving the green light to a 7,300-foot-deep injection well in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.
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Injecting wastewater underground could increase mercury levels in groundwater

March 13, 2014
New research suggests there are increased levels of mercury in Cape Cod's groundwater near a wastewater treatment plant run by the Massachusetts Military Reservation.
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New technology for detecting contamination in oil & gas well wastewater unveiled

September 3, 2013
A new particle analysis technology can give real-time information about potential contamination at offshore sites, giving site operators instant information about how safe it would be to inject water underground without any negative consequences for the environment and the well itself.
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Study links large overseas earthquakes to tremors at US fracking sites

July 16, 2013
Large earthquakes around the world have been linked to tremors at U.S. sites where wastewater from gas drilling operations is injected into the ground.
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