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US refineries should look for export opportunities amid growing competition

July 17, 2014
The market is becoming more competitive globally, as exports offer higher margins, whereas domestic feedstock is cheap and abundant but not necessarily the right type of product they need.
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Is China getting ready for a fracking revolution?

July 15, 2014
Despite its huge fortune buried in shale rock formations, China has been very slow to realize the benefits of fracking and embrace the technology.
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Energy companies underestimate cyber security risks

July 14, 2014
Global oil companies and infrastructure operators are not sufficiently prepared to deal with cyber security threats, according to a recent analysis.
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US overtakes Saudi Arabia, Russia as world's largest oil producer

July 9, 2014
According to a new report by Bank of America Corp., record output of oil from shale rock formations is fueling economic growth for the U.S.
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U.S.-Canadian joint venture completes pipeline from Oklahoma to Gulf Coast

July 8, 2014
Houston, Texas-based Enterprise Products Partners and Canadian Enbridge Inc. have completed the construction of a 512-mile section of the Seaway Pipeline system, running from Cushing, Oklahoma, to the Jones Creek terminal near Freeport.
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UK agencies look into risk of water contamination through fracking

July 8, 2014
The British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency have published the results of a large-scale study into the risk of drinking water being contaminated by fracking operations.
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North Dakota to introduce gas flaring restrictions

July 7, 2014
The North Dakota Industrial Commission is introducing new regulations on the maximum amount of natural gas that oil and gas companies will be allowed to burn off in the process known as flaring, in an effort to reduce the overall amount of gas burned off within the state.
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US oil, gas reserves up 9%

June 30, 2014
Oil reserves in the United States went up to almost 25.4 billion barrels, marking a rise of 2.1 billion barrels or 9 percent on the previous year and an increase of 52 percent compared to 2009.
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Canada's cabinet approves Northern Gateway pipeline

June 23, 2014
The Canadian government has given the green light to a proposed project for constructing a pipeline to a terminal at the Pacific Coast that would serve as a starting point for oil shipments to Asia.
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Is fracking really depleting states' water resources?

June 19, 2014
In states where water reserves are scarce, the tension between agriculture and oil and gas industry is growing.
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