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One key piece in a drought-solving puzzle

Addressing structure and corrosion at California’s Carlsbad desalination plant
About 35 miles north of downtown San Diego, the city of Carlsbad presents a classic southern California backdrop for joggers, cyclists, and surfers bent on enjoying the sun, breaking waves and sapphire-blue Pacific Ocean.
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Desalination becomes more viable in California as costs drop

In an attempt to deal with the severe drought it has been experiencing, California is turning to desalination projects and is allocating millions of dollars to develop technologies that can turn ocean water into potable water.
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San Diego desalination plant marking first year of construction

The plant is lauded as the largest seawater desalination facility in the Western Hemisphere and is estimated to be costing about $1 billion.
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Carlsbad desalination plant to utilize energy capture technology

The seawater desalination plant in northern San Diego County will be the biggest facility of its kind in the U.S. and will use energy capture technology that is expected to deliver annual savings of $12 million.
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