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Chemicals spilled as train derails in South Carolina

A CSX train derailed in Allendale County, South Carolina, on Tuesday morning, injuring two crew members and spilling hazardous chemicals.
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Levulinic acid market set to benefit from expanding applications

Demand is growing for levulinic acid (4-oxopentanoic acid), a platform chemical used to manufacture various other chemicals.
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Seven good answers to 2015 OSHA GHS deadline questions

Start by addressing printing and labeling as a business and enterprise challenge
Growing complexity confronts companies complying with more regulation and related customer requirements than ever before.
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European polymer industry faces continued pressure

The European polymer industry has come under pressure this year from producers in the United States and the Middle East, where cheap feedstocks have led to an expansion in capacity.
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BASF transfers automotive refinish coatings business in India to Würth

Chemicals giant BASF is to transfer its automotive refinish coatings business in India to Würth.
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Outlook optimistic for chemical production in 2015

Chemical production in the United States and Europe is predicted to pick up in 2015, after failing to reach the levels expected this year.
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EPA takes action over ethylene glycol ethers

Regulatory action is being taken to protect the public from seven ethylene glycol ethers (glymes chemicals) that have been linked to health effects including birth defects and blood toxicity.
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Asia-Pacific set to remain biggest chlor-alkali market

A new report puts the value of the global chlor-alkali market at $70.4 billion in 2014 and estimates that it will reach $93.9 billion by 2019.
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Eastman Chemical acquires specialty chemical company Taminco for $2.8 billion

Kingsport, Tennessee-based Eastman Chemical Co. has completed its buyout of specialty chemicals company Taminco Corp. for $2.8 billion and $1 billion in assumed debt.
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Lubrizol announces Warwick Chemicals acquisition, Mitsui Chemicals alliance

Specialty chemicals company The Lubrizol Corporation is to expand its home care product line by acquiring Warwick Chemicals.
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