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Refinery exports reach new monthly high

U.S. refineries set new November records for gross inputs and exports of refined products, the American Petroleum Institute (API) reported.
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Texans hold 80% of state's oil production revenues

Texas has as much as $140 billion in "petro-wealth" in producing petroleum reserves, a new analysis from Austin, Texas-based company Blackbeard Data Services reveals.
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EPA: Toxic chemicals releases dropped 12% in 2012

Overall, 3.63 billion pounds of toxic chemicals were released into the air, water or land in 2012, the report found.
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Malaysia surpasses Indonesia as top producer of hydrocarbon in Southeast Asia

Malaysia managed to surpass Indonesia as the top producer of upstream hydrocarbon products in Southeast Asia in 2012, amid the difficulties that Indonesia experienced in attracting new investors.
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Electric Tote Warming Oven

Manufacturers have traditionally utilized secondary or back-up spill containment such as a nearby dyke, but the Sahara Hot Box has the capacity to contain a full tote release.
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