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Study tracks reported industrial pollution over six years

A multi-year examination of industrial pollution in North America has revealed that total reported amounts of pollutants increased by 14 percent in the years 2005 through 2010.
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Pharmaceuticals in wastewater contaminate shallow groundwater

Pharmaceuticals and other contaminants have been found in shallow groundwater after treated municipal wastewater was released into streams.
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UK water utility predicts sewage pollution risk

A water utility in the north of England has introduced a new strategy designed to prevent incidents of pollution before they occur.
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Untreated sewage from Montreal dumped directly into St. Lawrence River

Sewage waste is being released directly into the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal, following heavy rainfalls because the Canadian city's sewage waste mixes with rainwater during rain storms.
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Metal producer cuts chemical waste through recycling

Wyman-Gordon Co. has worked hard over the past few years to cut down on its chemical waste, which had put the company at the top of the list of polluters in Worcester County, Mass., for years.
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Ohio proposes phosphorus limits in waterways

Ohio could soon introduce limits on phosphorus pollution, which fuels the growth of toxic algae in lakes.
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