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Process goods makers seek rational sub-groups of data, amenable to analysis

Manufacturing intelligence vendor celebrates 25th year in business
The many different kinds of industrial software that emerged the last 30 years are mostly absorbed by now into supervisory-control, product life-cycle or enterprise-planning software suites.
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Five reasons for doing cloud-computing in process industries

Including security concerns, a better way to deal with change and managed costs
For process manufacturers whose operations rarely stop — and sometimes are continuously in production for months on end — the ability to allow authorized personnel to access the same vital data from anywhere in the world, any time of day and from any device, would be a significant competitive advantage.
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Use manufacturing intelligence to find value in process-control data

It’s better when you can see the forest, trees of greatest interest and relevant woodland conditions
It’s often the case that if you are manufacturing something, whether food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or anything process-based, you are collecting and managing large amounts of data.
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