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US shale gas production overtakes non-shale

Shale gas wells became the largest source of total natural gas production in the United States last year, surpassing production from non-shale natural gas wells.
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Low-cost natural gas gives North American plastics producers cost advantage

North American plastics producers are benefiting from the supply of low-cost new feedstocks, leading to a manufacturing renaissance, according to a new report.
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Reliance to ship US ethane to India

India's Reliance Industries Ltd. revealed on Wednesday that it plans to ship 1.5 million tons per year of ethane from the United States.
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Fracking water treatment sector in need of fresh ideas, expert claims

Treating and recycling fracking wastewater has proved to be more difficult than many had expected. A highly individualized approach is needed for each oilfield, meaning that the costs are high.
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Midstream companies reap the benefits of US shale gas boom

The midstream sector has long been in the shadow of the large oil and gas industry players but the shale boom in the United States has had a domino effect, boosting other industries as well, including operators of pipelines and storage facilities.
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US plastics industry rebounds

The U.S. plastics sector has rebounded to pre-recession levels, with the future outlook still positive thanks to robust growth in the resin sector and cheap shale gas feedstocks.
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Natural gas not as beneficial for carbon emissions cuts as previously thought

A new report by a panel of experts and modeling teams claims that shale gas will have little effect on carbon-dioxide emissions and will do little to help tackle global warming.
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