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Better pump part ‘principles’ deliver a better small pump

ALPHA Chemical metering systems
A series of standard chemical metering systems deliver accurate, non-pulsating and repeatable flow capability that results in tighter control and chemical consumption reduction.
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Chemical Metering Systems

seepex’s new series of standard ALPHA (Accurate, Less chemical consumption, Pulsation free, High quality components, All things flow) chemical metering systems are designed for simple plug-and-play installations.
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NSF 61-certified Metering Pumps

seepex metering pumps are now certified to meet the NSF 61 standard for use in treating water and wastewater.
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Pump poultry without product damage

Progressive-cavity pump made to exact dimensions needed and with performance guarantee
With global markets for processed-meat expected to grow by nearly 6% annually for the next half-decade, poultry demand will drive process-equipment markets.
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Your advantages: our pumps

As a leading international supplier of products and services for the pumping and treatment of liquids, seepex is committed to the principle of made-to-order pumping equipment.
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Original spare parts

When considering the purchase of a new pump, the lifetime cost of the equipment is important.
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Products groups and ranges

seepex makes progressive cavity pumps with a characteristic feature: the conveying elements are formed by the intersecting geometries of a helical rotor and a double internal helical stator.
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Here is your conveying solution: Product group D

seepex offers six ranges of dosing pumps can be used in virtually all industries for the metering and dosing of precise quantities.
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Progressive Cavity Pumps for Aggressive Chemicals

seepex offers a wide range of options and materials to handle particularly aggressive chemicals.
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Ease of use with skidded chemical-dosing system pays off

These pre-engineered skid systems are for use in a wide variety of liquid-chemical dosing applications, primarily in water and wastewater disinfection treatment.
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