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Wastewater injection linked to Raton Basin earthquakes

A new study suggests that wastewater wells are linked to an increase in seismic activity in Colorado and New Mexico.
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Earthquakes in Ohio bring drilling activity to a halt

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has closed operations at a drilling site in Poland Township, Mahoning County, following two earthquakes on Monday.
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Researchers look into possible link between Texas earthquakes, injection wells

Researchers at Southern Methodist University have been collecting seismic data linked to the series of small earthquakes northwest of Fort Worth, Texas, in an attempt to determine whether they are related to wastewater injection wells.
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Study links Texas earthquakes to extraction works

A new report analyzes a series of tremors occurring in areas near the Eagle Ford shale in Texas over a period of three years.
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Study links fracking wastewater injection to Ohio earthquakes

Fracking activities are the most likely cause of the series of earthquakes in Youngstown, Ohio, two years ago, new research published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters has found.
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Arkansas residents start legal action against fracking companies over earthquakes

A group of residents in Greenbrier, Ark., has launched the first lawsuit against fracking companies, which accuses them of causing earthquakes with their operations.
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Industry organization challenges link between fracking and earthquakes

Findings from recent research that linked hydraulic fracturing to an increased number and strength of earthquakes have sparked a new wave of debate relating to whether the economic benefits of fracking outweigh the potential risks.
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Study links large overseas earthquakes to tremors at US fracking sites

Large earthquakes around the world have been linked to tremors at U.S. sites where wastewater from gas drilling operations is injected into the ground.
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Concerns raised over possible link between drilling wastewater and earthquakes

Scientists who have been examining earthquakes in Colorado and its neighboring states for about four decades believe that the practice of disposing of wastewater by drilling and injecting it underground may cause seismic activity, the Denver Post has reported.
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