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US oil, gas companies embrace recycling of fracking water

Many fracking companies in states like Texas, where drought is a major problem, are facing pressure from regulators to reduce the amount of water they use in their fracking fluids.
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Wyoming judge rules against fracking chemicals disclosure

A group of environmentalists has been denied access to information regarding the chemicals involved in hydraulic fracturing, after a district judge in Wyoming ruled that they were not entitled to know the ingredients of fluids used in the process.
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China takes first steps into shale gas development

The vast natural resources of China are one reason why the country has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. After focusing on utilizing coal deposits for decades, the country is now looking at ways to exploit its shale gas.
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Countries around the world consider fracking after US success

Tempted by the U.S. shale gas revolution that could soon see that country top the charts in natural gas production, countries around the world are considering introducing the same technology, in the hope of achieving similar results.
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Concerns raised over possible link between drilling wastewater and earthquakes

Scientists who have been examining earthquakes in Colorado and its neighboring states for about four decades believe that the practice of disposing of wastewater by drilling and injecting it underground may cause seismic activity, the Denver Post has reported.
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