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EIA cuts recoverable oil projections for Monterey Shale by 96%

May 28, 2014
Many experts believe this could be a heavy blow to the burgeoning industry that had projected 2.8 million new jobs and an extra $24.6 billion annually in tax revenue.
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Shale emerges as top revenue driver for oilfield companies

April 28, 2014
More than half of U.S. oil field services companies and 40 percent of independent upstream producers see shale development and production as a crucial component of their business.
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Chevron signs renewed agreement for shale development in Argentina

April 14, 2014
U.S. energy giant Chevron Corporation has announced plans to invest more than $1.6 billion to develop shale reserves in Argentina.
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Poland moves to attract foreign shale gas companies with tax breaks

March 17, 2014
Poland is thinking of implementing an extensive shale exploration and development plan that aims to reduce its energy dependence on Russia and boosts its own economy.
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