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Refinery exports reach new monthly high

U.S. refineries set new November records for gross inputs and exports of refined products, the American Petroleum Institute (API) reported.
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US refineries should look for export opportunities amid growing competition

The market is becoming more competitive globally, as exports offer higher margins, whereas domestic feedstock is cheap and abundant but not necessarily the right type of product they need.
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Increased oil and gas exports would benefit US, economists say

A new poll gauged the opinion of 30 U.S. economists regarding oil and gas exports and revealed that their view was almost unanimous.
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Report reveals projected impact of crude oil exports on US economy

The report found that if crude oil exports were allowed the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel would drop, enabling Americans to save an average of $5.8 billion per year.
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US refiners back crude oil export ban

The question of whether the ban on U.S. oil exports should be lifted has divided industry opinions for a long time, but in recent months the debate has resurfaced.
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