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Packaging EXPO, Pharma EXPO and idea cross-pollination

Solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries bloom in an industrial-creativity hothouse
August 1, 2014
In 1978, the U.S. military, Reynolds Metal Co. and Continental Flexible Packaging developed a retort pouch to store troops’ field rations. Today, retort pouches package a wide range of consumer goods, from beverages and soups to baby food and pet food.
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PACK EXPO 2013 provides glimpse into tomorrow's trends

November 20, 2013
With the end of 2013 in sight, manufacturers have set their sights on a new year and how they’ll tackle challenges laying ahead — challenges such as the economy, complying with food safety regulations and stiff competition for shelf space and consumers.
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Pharm industry sales to top $1.2 trillion by 2016

Globalization impacts demand and production of pharmaceuticals
February 5, 2013
Pharmaceutical manufacturers today face a considerable checklist of significant challenges, including the fight against counterfeiting, reducing costs through offshore manufacturing and maintaining product integrity.
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