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PACK EXPO 2014 expected to set attendance records

PMMI, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, predicts 2014 will set some new records for PACK EXPO International and the debut of Pharma EXPO.
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Unique vacuum solution meets grueling production requirements

Transports droplet-shaped-hot-melt adhesives at rates of up to eight tons per hour
Global supplier Jowat Adhesives, with U.S. headquarters in Archdale, North Carolina, ships more than 75,000 tons of adhesives annually. To maintain and increase its business, it continually invents new products to meet customer bonding requirements in the paper and packaging, wood processing, furniture manufacturing, textile and automotive industries.
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PACK EXPO offers innovations

Control solutions enhance efficiency, safety and flexibility
The challenge to cost-effectively improve the safety, efficiency and flexibility of production lines is an ever-present pain point for processors. To overcome these hurdles and grow, companies must innovate. With the right machinery, manufacturers can advance line performance and profitability.
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PACK EXPO offers innovations to streamline operations

The challenge to cost-effectively improve the safety, efficiency and flexibility of production lines is an ever-present pain-point for processors.
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Packing and Palletizing Equipment

Thiele Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of converting, placing, bagging, cartoning, case packing and palletizing equipment, will promote its latest technology and equipment at PACK EXPO 2014
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Automated Bag Palletizing Machines

Haver Filling Systems, Inc. has added fully automated bag palletizing machines manufactured by Newtec Bag Palletizing to its line of bulk material packaging equipment.
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Packaging EXPO, Pharma EXPO and idea cross-pollination

Solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries bloom in an industrial-creativity hothouse
In 1978, the U.S. military, Reynolds Metal Co. and Continental Flexible Packaging developed a retort pouch to store troops’ field rations. Today, retort pouches package a wide range of consumer goods, from beverages and soups to baby food and pet food.
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PACK EXPO 2013 provides glimpse into tomorrow's trends

With the end of 2013 in sight, manufacturers have set their sights on a new year and how they’ll tackle challenges laying ahead — challenges such as the economy, complying with food safety regulations and stiff competition for shelf space and consumers.
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Pharm industry sales to top $1.2 trillion by 2016

Globalization impacts demand and production of pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical manufacturers today face a considerable checklist of significant challenges, including the fight against counterfeiting, reducing costs through offshore manufacturing and maintaining product integrity.
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