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Total Organic Carbon Analyzer for Ultrapure and Process Waters

April 9, 2014
GE's new Sievers M9 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is designed to measure TOC in a broad range of samples from ultrapure water to process waters.
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GE to invest $8 million in gas equipment manufacturing facility

February 10, 2014
Energy giant GE is planning to invest $8 million through its GE Oil & Gas Inc. unit on the expansion of its manufacturing facility in Schertz, Texas.
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GE to invest billions to improve fracking

June 3, 2013
GE believes that its efforts could mitigate the effects from fracking on the environment and could bring about innovative technology that would increase profit for clients.
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Low-fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane

May 21, 2013
GE's AG LF series membrane purifies tough-to-treat water such as wastewater from industrial processes.
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Gauging industry’s role in water reuse

GE survey says consumers see industry as ‘responsible’ in at least several ways
December 1, 2012
Industrial conglomerate GE has released results of a survey of 3,000 consumers in the U.S., China and Singapore, indicating Americans believe large water users are most responsible for contributing to water scarcity, and that they strongly support reusing water to help the U.S. drive economic competitiveness and protect the environment. Yet Americans’ understanding of water lifecycles and solutions falls behind those of survey participants in other water-challenged countries.
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