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Texas city ready for water reuse project launch

July 10, 2014
The city of Wichita Falls, Texas, is ready to start its water reuse program any day now, as the Cypress Water Treatment Plant is fully prepared for the launch of the project.
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Oklahoma passes bill to allow water reuse in municipal utilities

June 10, 2014
Water agencies in Oklahoma will be able to draw up water reuse projects and implement them in an effort to tackle the challenges that the state faces regarding drinking water supplies.
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California water recycling facility reaches milestone

April 17, 2014
The city of El Segundo announced that the West Basin Municipal Water District has recycled 150 billion gallons of water at its Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility.
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California city to invest $285 million in water recycling project

April 15, 2014
Escondido, Calif., is planning to invest $285 million in a water recycling program that aims to help its public water system handle demand for water amid the ongoing drought.
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California to incentivize water recycling projects through low-interest loans

April 3, 2014
The California Water Resources Control Board has announced another move that aims to relieve water stress and contribute to water availability.
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Levi Strauss introduces new industrial process using 100% recycled water

March 4, 2014
The technology is currently applied in one of the company's major factories in southern China, where garments are bleached and stone washed to produce a specific look or feel.
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More than 700 US power plants have no water reuse systems

February 27, 2014
There has been a noticeable improvement in the water reuse rates of cooling systems in electric generating plants in the U.S. but almost half of the facilities still have no policy for water reuse.
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Chemical engineers develop improved recycling system for fracking water

August 15, 2013
The membrane-based filtration system improves the efficiency of treating and safely reusing water used for fracking at drill sites and could significantly reduce the amount of water and energy that fracking requires.
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University of Texas and Austin Water collaborate on water reclamation project

April 2, 2013
The new network of pipes connects the university's chilling stations to Austin Water's reclaimed water distribution system. This enables campus buildings to use reclaimed wastewater instead of potable water for cooling systems.
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Gauging industry’s role in water reuse

GE survey says consumers see industry as ‘responsible’ in at least several ways
December 1, 2012
Industrial conglomerate GE has released results of a survey of 3,000 consumers in the U.S., China and Singapore, indicating Americans believe large water users are most responsible for contributing to water scarcity, and that they strongly support reusing water to help the U.S. drive economic competitiveness and protect the environment. Yet Americans’ understanding of water lifecycles and solutions falls behind those of survey participants in other water-challenged countries.
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