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Wireless technology exposes manufacturers to security risks

The rising use of wireless devices is exposing production sites to security breaches and cyber-attacks, compelling companies to seek ways to protect their networks.
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API: Oil & gas industry needs to work together to tackle cyber attacks

U.S. oil and gas companies are a primary target for cyber attacks and they need to work hard to improve their awareness and preparedness to avert hackers' attacks and respond adequately.
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US Energy Department launches project to protect oil & gas industry from cyber attacks

The U.S. Energy Department has formed a partnership with industry experts and the Department of Homeland Security to launch a tool that will facilitate cyber attack protection for the oil and gas sector.
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North American energy industry faces cyber attacks

As Canada's oil and gas industry is struggling with market and infrastructure issues, there is another threat to the industry that has been causing concern over the past few months -- cyber attacks.
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