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UK river restocked with fish after sewage spills

A river in southeast England has been restocked with thousands of fish as part of recovery efforts after two serious pollution incidents.
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Heavy rain sends 25 million gallons of sewage into Connecticut harbor

The city of Stamford, Connecticut, has been dealing with a huge spill of partially treated wastewater into the local harbor following days of heavy rain.
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Ruptured pipeline causes major sewage spill near Philadelphia

Raw sewage recently spilled from a burst water main near Philadelphia, Pa., sending several million gallons of untreated waste into Valley Creek.
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Torrential rainfall leads to massive sewage spill in Louisville

Approximately 95 million gallons of untreated wastewater and stormwater was released last weekend into local creeks and the Ohio River after the mechanical screening system at the Derek R. Guthrie Water Quality Treatment Center in Louisville, Ky., malfunctioned.
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