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NSF develops standard to measure effectiveness of water treatment devices

Global public health and safety organization NSF International has developed the first American National Standard, validating the effectiveness of water treatment devices designed to reduce trace levels of contaminants in drinking water.
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Spain's Acciona Agua expands presence in Portugal

Acciona Agua has won a contract worth EUR2 million to construct a new water treatment plant in Portugal.
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How real is on-line zeta-potential measurement in water treatment?

Use at Aurora Water demonstrates feasibility, reduces chemical coagulant usage about 17 percent
The benefits of using zeta potential measurement to determine water-treatment plant-control strategies have been extensively documented.
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Kentucky water treatment plants receive awards for outstanding performance

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet has recognized 61 drinking water treatment plants for outstanding performance in meeting state and federal water quality standards.
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Illinois county opens new waste processing facility

Officials in DuPage County, Illinois, have officially opened a new wastewater treatment facility that is expected to be highly efficient and cost-effective.
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GEO Specialty Chemicals to build polyaluminum chloride facility in Texas

GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc. (GEO) broke ground June 10 on a new facility to produce polyaluminum chloride (PAC) products for use in water treatment.
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Why this fast growing municipality switched to calcium hypochlorite for chlorination

A recent major rehab at Lakewood Township Municipal Utility Authority’s Water Treatment Plant included switching from gaseous chlorine to efficient calcium hypochlorite disinfection. The result has been the added convenience, improved storage and handling safety over gas chlorine and consistent, reliable chlorination.
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Research lacking on emerging contaminants

Emerging contaminants are an increasing concern for scientists, water utilities and regulators because their impact on the environment and on public health.
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Trace amounts of cocaine discovered in UK drinking water

UK drinking water contains traces of cocaine, ever after undergoing all stages of treatment, according to a new report.
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Iowa utilities consider merger to cut costs

A group of water utilities from Iowa are examining the potential effect a partnership may have on costs and service quality.
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