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Meat processor JBS Australia to acquire Primo Group for $1.25 billion

JBS Australia, the largest meat processing company in Australia, has agreed to acquire Primo Group, the largest ham, bacon and small meat products producer in Australia and New Zealand.
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Meat processing equipment market driven by growing demand for processed foods

The market for meat processing equipment is growing, driven by rising demand for processed foods as a result of the increasing global population and consumer preference for protein-rich processed food products.
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Russian meat processors face crisis

Import restrictions in Russia are causing severe problems for the country's meat processors.
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Canada introduces mandatory labeling of mechanically tenderized beef

The government of Canada announced last week that all mechanically tenderized beef (MTB) sold in the country now has to be clearly labeled and the new labels will have to include instructions for safe cooking.
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More than 8 million pounds of beef recalled

A California meat processing company has had to recall more than 8.7 million pounds of beef, following an investigation by federal safety officers that revealed the meat came from "diseased and unsound" animals in violation of food safety practices.
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Canada's meat processing safety system rated as 'adequate'

A USDA audit found that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency needs to improve its oversight on meat processing facilities, especially as it relates to humane handling of animals and sanitation.
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Recession exacerbates meat consumption declines

As a result of the economy, consumers have scaled back the quality and quantity of meat purchased, while adverse health effects associated with red meat consumption have driven some consumers toward alternative protein sources.
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California importer recalls more than 15,000 pounds of salami

More than 15,000 pounds of salami products imported by Ferrarini USA are being recalled because they were not presented for import re-inspection, as required.
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California meat processor recalls ground beef

California-based Central Valley Meat Company is recalling almost 90,000 pounds of ground beef, sold as "Fine Ground Beef."
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Submersible pumps shred solids before passing the liquid

Meat processor eliminates $20,000 annual maintenance expense
A large meat processor in Michigan was having repeated problems with its submersible pumps. The problematic pumps controlled evacuation of the plant’s wet wells.
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