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Panasonic uses sunlight, photocatalysts to create drinkable water

Panasonic has unveiled new water purification technology that uses photocatalysts and the UV rays from sunlight to produce drinkable water.
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Metito invests in new thermal desalination technology

Water management company Metito has announced that it will introduce next-generation desalination and water purification technology after investing in clean-tech startup Thermal Purification Technologies Limited (TPTec).
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Device uses sunlight to purify drinking water

A new device called a water lens could help people in developing countries heat and disinfect polluted water, making it safe for drinking.
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Desalination, water purification research receives $1.4 million boost

The Bureau's Desalination and Water Purification Program aims to confront imbalances between supply and demand in basins throughout the Western U.S. through the development of new advanced water treatment technologies.
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US Bureau of Reclamation offers $1.5 million for desalination research projects

The Bureau is looking for proposals from academic institutions, water and wastewater utilities and industry representatives on ways to address the country's desalination and water purification needs.
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Unilever acquires Chinese water purification company

Consumer goods giant Unilever announced Sunday it has bought a majority stake in Chinese water purification company Qinyuan Group.
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Shell floating LNG plant to use Veolia water purification technology

The MPPE unit will be used for Shell’s Prelude FLNG project in Australia, the largest offshore floating facility ever built at 488 meters long and 74 meters wide.
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