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New foam-making process could lead to lightweight, sustainable materials

Making lightweight foam has long challenged scientists as it is extremely difficult to keep the foam stable. A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a new type of foam that solves many of the problems faced by traditional foams.
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Researchers extract antioxidants from blackberries using ultrafiltration

Using ultrafiltration membranes, a team of researchers from France and Costa Rica have successfully chemically engineered the extraction of ellagitannins -- a class of hydrolyzable tannins that are rich in antioxidants -- from blackberry juice.
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Chemical engineers select top 10 inventions of modern era

Chemical engineers have voted on what they feel are the most important chemically engineered inventions and solutions of the modern era.
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Belfast professor wins international catalysis award

Chris Hardacre, head of chemistry and chemical engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, UK has been awarded the inaugural IChemE Andrew Medal in recognition of his contribution to the field of heterogeneous catalysis.
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