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Raw chicken products recalled after processing error

Chicken, turkey and pork producer Perdue Foods is recalling approximately 720 pounds of raw, fresh chicken products because of concerns that they may have been subject to a deviation in temperature during production.
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Poultry to account for more than half of UK meat consumption in 2014

The U.K. poultry sector is enjoying a period of stability and confidence, which has resulted in a surge of investment.
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Russia cuts US frozen poultry imports by 34% in Q1

Russia cut the volume of frozen poultry it imports from the United States by 34% to 47,200 metric tons in the first three months of 2014, partly due to Moscow's measures to limit its dependence on external markets by boosting its own poultry production.
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Missouri poultry farm reaches agreement with EPA over water pollution

A Missouri-based poultry company has agreed to settle violations of the Clean Water Act and pay a $47,700 civil penalty for illegal wastewater discharges.
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Salmonella strain linked to Foster Farms found in stores

A strain of Salmonella matching the one associated with the current multi-state Salmonella outbreak has been found in samples of raw chicken manufactured by California-based Foster Farms.
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FSA: Two in three chickens in Wales infected with Campylobacter

Welsh authorities have been trying hard to clamp down on the most frequent cause of food poisoning in the UK -- Campylobacter bacteria -- but so far they have seen little success.
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British FSA reviews poultry campylobacter strategy

Figures released by the agency reveal that campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the U.K., affecting about 460,000 people each year.
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US meat industry at risk of shutting down for weeks

The U.S. meat industry may be forced to shut down for weeks as a result of the spending cuts planned to take effect on March 1, the White House has warned.
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