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Road salt contaminates urban streams

Salt may do a great job of keeping the roads clear of dangerous ice, but the runoff pollutes urban streams across much of the United States.
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Groundwater treatment to start at Tennessee Superfund site

Preparation work has started for the construction of a groundwater treatment system at the Smalley-Piper Superfund Site in Tennessee.
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Microbes in saturated forest soil help remove nitrogen from groundwater

Waterlogged areas in forests play an important role in the quality of groundwater, new research has shown.
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Injecting wastewater underground could increase mercury levels in groundwater

New research suggests there are increased levels of mercury in Cape Cod's groundwater near a wastewater treatment plant run by the Massachusetts Military Reservation.
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Southern Nevada water pipeline project challenged in court

Two separate lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas in an attempt to halt the construction of a water pipeline that will carry water from rural Nevada to Las Vegas.
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Study finds increased arsenic levels in groundwater near fracking sites

A study has added new evidence to the long list of findings suggesting that fracking for natural gas could be harmful to groundwater.
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EPA finalizes cleanup plan for Cayuga County Superfund site

The groundwater at the site is contaminated with volatile organic compounds from a semiconductor manufacturing site in the city of Auburn.
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Penn State scientist calls for focus on groundwater

While most people recognize clean water and air as key aspects of environmental balance and maintaining natural habitats, a large proportion of them fail to notice the importance of what lies beneath their feet.
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Remediation Skimmers and Leachate Pumps

Abanaki Corporation has added a new technology to its groundwater remediation systems line. This new product line will include the PetroXtractor Active Membrane Skimmer, PetroXtractor Passive Membrane Skimmer and Leach-Aid Landfill Pump, intended for use in remediation and leachate (landfill) applications.
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