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New method uses sunlight, nanoparticle composite to break down BPA

Scientists have found a way to harness nanoparticles and visible light to break down substances like bisphenol A (BPA) in wastewater and soil.
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Study finds 175 dangerous chemicals in food packaging

As many as 175 chemicals that have certain hazardous properties are currently being used for manufacturing food contact packaging in the United States and Europe, new research warns.
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Intersex fish found in Northeastern US watersheds

The discovery of intersex fish -- male fish carrying eggs -- has spurred concerns that Pennsylvania waterways may be contaminated by endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
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Fracking chemicals can act as hormone disruptors, researchers claim

The team of scientists examined in laboratory conditions 12 chemicals that were commonly used in fracking and were either known to be endocrine disruptors or were suspected to have such properties.
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Transgenic tadpole detects water contaminants

French biotechnology company WatchFrog has created a transgenic tadpole that glows when it comes into contact with thyroid-disrupting compounds in water.
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