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High levels of ammonium, iodide found in oil & gas wastewater

Wastewater from oil and gas operations in two states has been found to contain high levels of potentially hazardous contaminants.
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Nitrogen in recycled wastewater good for irrigation

Recycled wastewater contains nutrients that are essential to plant health, such as nitrogen and phosphorous. Should it be used more widely to irrigate turfgrass in urban environments?
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Soil can remove endocrine disruptors from wastewater, study finds

Researchers at Penn State University have discovered a unique method for removing potentially dangerous chemicals from wastewater.
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Monster clean-up follows concerts

Grinder keeps waste flowing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Given stunning natural attractions and world-class musical acts, it’s no wonder thousands flock to visit Red Rocks each day. But starting in 2012, the volume of visitors began giving maintenance crews at the wastewater collection facility a compounding and costly headache.
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Researchers classify microplastic particles in wastewater

A German study has confirmed that conventional methods used at wastewater treatment plants do not completely eliminate microplastics.
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Microbes could power wastewater cleanup in rural areas

A self-sustaining wastewater treatment system has been developed by researchers at Washington State University (WSU).
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Pharmaceuticals in wastewater contaminate shallow groundwater

Pharmaceuticals and other contaminants have been found in shallow groundwater after treated municipal wastewater was released into streams.
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Extracting oil, precious metal from wastewater to thrive in next few years

Recovery of various substances from wastewater is likely to pick up over the next few years, as commodity prices increase and technology for resources recovery from wastewater keeps improving.
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Iowa cattle producer slapped with heavy fine for water pollution

A district court judge has fined a cattle producer from northwest Iowa $12,000 for improper application of manure on fields, which resulted in the manure flowing into a tributary of a local creek in 2012.
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Research finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria in municipal wastewater

Municipal sewage systems carrying wastewater from hospitals and private homes release antibiotic-resistant bacteria into the environment, contributing to the emerging drug-resistance problems.
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