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UK agencies look into risk of water contamination through fracking

July 8, 2014
The British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency have published the results of a large-scale study into the risk of drinking water being contaminated by fracking operations.
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Colorado regulator halts wastewater injection due to earthquake link

July 7, 2014
Colorado officials recently suspended injections of fracking wastewater underground, following the discovery that disposing of wastewater in a local well might be linked to seismic activity in the area.
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North Dakota to introduce gas flaring restrictions

July 7, 2014
The North Dakota Industrial Commission is introducing new regulations on the maximum amount of natural gas that oil and gas companies will be allowed to burn off in the process known as flaring, in an effort to reduce the overall amount of gas burned off within the state.
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Oklahoma's seismic activity surpasses that of California in 2014

June 23, 2014
So far in 2014 Oklahoma has had more earthquakes than California, and many experts believe that the unusual seismic activity is linked to the sharp increase in oil and gas drilling operations.
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Is fracking really depleting states' water resources?

June 19, 2014
In states where water reserves are scarce, the tension between agriculture and oil and gas industry is growing.
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Scientists seek alternatives to wastewater wells in wake of Greeley earthquake

June 18, 2014
A team of scientists from the University of Colorado has been carrying out seismographic research in the area of the recent Greeley earthquake in order to determine if it was connected to nearby gas fracking wastewater wells.
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North Carolina to criminalize disclosure of fracking chemicals information

June 3, 2014
The North Carolina Senate has approved a proposal filed by three Republican state senators to criminalize the disclosure of confidential information concerning the type of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.
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US companies led the world in fracking technology patents in 2013

June 2, 2014
U.S. oil and gas services companies were the most active filers of patents for fracking technology last year.
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US fracking companies go green

May 21, 2014
In a bid to ease environmental concerns and improve public perception of the industry, oil and gas companies are investing in innovative technologies that can mitigate or prevent the impact of fracking operations.
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EPA seeks public comment on fracking chemicals disclosure

May 19, 2014
EPA has announced plans to seek public comment on potential disclosure regulation, as well as input on possible non-regulatory approaches to the matter.
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