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Water scarcity could lead to political conflicts, expert warns

June 26, 2014
World Water Council President Benedito Braga said the biggest risk for conflict is predicted around the Tigris-Euphrates and Nile River basins.
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Global demand for water to outstrip supply by 2030, report warns

May 15, 2014
By 2030, global demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by as much as 40 percent, which would lead to dramatic political and sociological developments.
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Texas to look into desalination options

April 7, 2014
Texas is considering desalination as a possible way out of the water scarcity crisis it is facing due to extensive drought.
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California faces severe water crisis

February 18, 2014
California is in the midst of a serious drought problem and farmers and small businesses are likely to take the heaviest blow.
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Researchers predict future of water stress, scarcity

January 17, 2014
MIT researchers estimate that by 2050 as many as 5 billion people will be affected by water scarcity to at least some extent.
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Florida should explore desalination options, expert says

December 4, 2013
Florida needs to focus on desalination and invest in projects that could turn seawater into freshwater as it is facing a serious water scarcity problem.
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Water scarcity issues to impact global businesses within five years, report claims

November 12, 2013
According to the new Global Water Report 2013, water scarcity problems are set to become more common over the years to come and businesses need to change their approach to water-related risk management.
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Water scarcity poses major threat to food industry, Nestlé CEO says

March 1, 2013
During his keynote speech at the annual City Food Lecture in London on Feb. 25, Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke warned that water scarcity is one of the greatest threats facing the food industry.
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