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Processing January 2015

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January 2015

Volume: 28
Edition: 1

Manufacturing facility - Photo by Cambashi

To see if this will fly

Determine the best side-stream filtration system for a central utility plant
Just recently brought on line, a central utility plant at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) replaced the previously existing facility while accommodating the increased utility demand associated with renovations and improvements to the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).
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How PLM is relevant to process industries

Regulatory compliance remains biggest benefit of product lifecycle management for chemical goods makers
Product-lifecycle management, or PLM, is an enterprise software application with a “footprint” that starts with the product concept, and proceeds through design to development and full-scale production. It was first widely applied in the automotive industry.
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Seven good answers to 2015 OSHA GHS deadline questions

Start by addressing printing and labeling as a business and enterprise challenge
Growing complexity confronts companies complying with more regulation and related customer requirements than ever before.
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Why industrial enterprises virtualize their automation assets

Rockwell Automation Fair doubles down on convergence of operations and information technology
No doubt many new and creative manager to-do lists were generated during the 23rd annual Rockwell Automation Fair, held Nov. 9-10 in Anaheim, California.
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Shopping for solutions

Why would a salesperson want to see me?
Today’s best way to source a valve solution — like so much else in the industrial world — leverages the supply-chain coordination and communication advances following from on-going computerization, digitization and what industrial research analysts like to call “the internet of things.”
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Oil price halved June to December last year

Even as the Great Recession was unfolding in 2008, the seeds for a second-half 2014 collapse in oil prices were being sown.
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