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Water/Waste Processing

Water/Waste Processing February 2015

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February 2015

Siemens radio

Remote-site data transmission deflects regulatory runaround

Broadband wireless extends municipality’s fiber-ring multi-megabit throughput to miles-away treatment sites
Since 1848, the city of Georgetown has been found about 30 miles north of Austin, the Texas state capital. Yet the town’s population has almost doubled, to 52,000, in the last 12 years.
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Water-reuse treatment options in food & beverage

Whys and wherefores from biological and disinfection treatments to membranes and osmosis
Water resources were taken for granted for decades, but now are seen critical for companies, communities and governments, as issues of environmental sustainability, both globally and in local context, come to the fore.
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Chemical Metering Pumps

Watson-Marlow Pumps Group's new Qdos 60 chemical metering pumps expand the Qdos range to incorporate flow rates from 0.001 to 15 GPH at 100psi and is designed to reduce chemical metering costs compared to conventional solenoid or stepper-driven diaphragm metering pumps.
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