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Water/Waste Processing

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October 2014

WesTech filter

To manage you must measure

United Water divides districts into ‘virtual’ zones, cuts non-revenue water loss more than 1 million gallons/day
In less than one year, United Water's operations in Westchester County, New York, cut its non-revenue water losses by more than 1 million gallons a day, or more than five percent of average daily production.
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Tubular-membrane filtration addresses wafer-processing wastewater concerns

No need for pretreatment, organic coagulants or flocculants; renders ultrapure water reusable
Tubular-membrane filtration (TMF) is a cross-flow technology that removes in a single step the particulate and colloidal solids load from wafer-process wastewater streams.
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Its being free doesn’t mean there’s no cost

It’s said, often, that the infrastructure delivering water to U.S. homes, business and industry has fallen quickly into decrepitude. And there are signs (although many of them remain underground and unbidden!) that it’s the case.
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What do dairy, pulp & paper and textile have in common?

High organic waste loads and large wastewater volumes characterize three disparate industries; but how are they different?
Process controls for treating wastewater in dairy, pulp & paper and textile industries use secondary treatment, most commonly activated sludge, to remove soluble, i.e., dissolved pollutants.
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Pneumatic and Manual Plastic Diaphragm Valves

The R690 pneumatic and R677 manual plastic diaphragm valves from GEMÜ offer all the advantages for economical use in most applications.
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Rotary Table Vacuum Filter

The WesTech Rotary Table Vacuum Filter is a continuous filtration unit ideal for handling large flow rates. The horizontal orientation of the rotary table enables a thick filter cake to form on the surface.
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