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Water/Waste Processing e-News

So elemental it’s everywhere

Our global water resources are unique in that all living things hold some stake in them. And for both developed and developing economies there is no more vital issue than to guarantee their populations and industries safe and adequate water supplies.

Water/Waste Processing e-News – delivered Tuesdays and highlighting water issues facing process industries and their municipal partners, whether the provision of clean water or disposal of produced.

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House of Representatives passes Water for the World Act

The House of Representatives on December 16 passed H.R. 2901, the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act authored by Congressmen Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Ted Poe (R-TX).
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Road salt contaminates urban streams

Salt may do a great job of keeping the roads clear of dangerous ice, but the runoff pollutes urban streams across much of the United States.
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Rio 2016 Olympics: 'Super bacteria' found in Guanabara Bay

With less than two years to go before the city hosts the Olympic Games, there are concerns about water quality off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.
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New York State bans fracking

The decision by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo follows years of debate over the pros and cons of fracking and was based on health concerns.
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UK river restocked with fish after sewage spills

A river in southeast England has been restocked with thousands of fish as part of recovery efforts after two serious pollution incidents.
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Soil can remove endocrine disruptors from wastewater, study finds

Researchers at Penn State University have discovered a unique method for removing potentially dangerous chemicals from wastewater.
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US water utilities break even as capital spending falls

Municipal water utilities in the United States broke even this year, although their improved financial position came at the expense of capital investment.
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Estimated 5 trillion plastic pieces floating in world's oceans

More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the world's oceans, according to a study published in the journal PLOS One.
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Streams in Chesapeake Bay region getting warmer

The water temperature of streams in the Chesapeake Bay region has risen over the past 51 years, according to new research.
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Groundwater treatment to start at Tennessee Superfund site

Preparation work has started for the construction of a groundwater treatment system at the Smalley-Piper Superfund Site in Tennessee.
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