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Global Processing e-News

Globalization in the process industries

At the end of World War II, nearly half of the world’s total productive capacity resided in the United States. That’s not the case today. The process industries are global in both scope and scale.

Global Processing e-news tracks industry news and solutions in what has truly become a global marketplace.

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Gas flows to Ghana processing plant despite concerns

Natural gas has started flowing to a new gas processing plant in Ghana, despite safety concerns being raised by the country's Energy Commission (EC).
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Asian Development Bank finances rural wastewater infrastructure projects in China

The development bank has entered into a facility agreement with water and wastewater treatment solutions provider Sound Global Ltd. to improve rural wastewater management through the use of innovative technologies.
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Ineos plans $1 billion investment in UK shale gas exploration

Chemicals company Ineos said on Thursday that it is planning to invest $1 billion in shale gas exploration and appraisal in the United Kingdom.
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Meat processor JBS Australia to acquire Primo Group for $1.25 billion

JBS Australia, the largest meat processing company in Australia, has agreed to acquire Primo Group, the largest ham, bacon and small meat products producer in Australia and New Zealand.
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UK retailers address Campylobacter issue

In an effort to reduce the rate of Campylobacter infections, two U.K. retailers are extending the use of "roast-in-the-bag" packaging.
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EBRD proposes $1.9m loan to upgrade water, wastewater services in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is set to receive a sovereign loan of up to EUR1.5 million ($1.9 million) to improve water supply and selected wastewater services in the southwest region of the country.
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New Eastman copolyester for medical products could allow faster processing

A styrene-free alternative to high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) for opaque medical packaging has been introduced by Eastman Chemical Company in the European market.
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Inquiry examines safety of FLNG projects in Australian waters

A parliamentary inquiry into the safety of floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) processing plants is being held in Western Australia.
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Major new desalination plant opens in Algeria

The biggest seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant on the African continent was officially opened in Algeria this week.
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UK proposes sovereign wealth fund for shale gas revenues

A sovereign wealth fund could be created in the United Kingdom to help protect revenues generated by shale gas extraction, Chancellor George Osborne said on Monday.
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